Client Hosting
Working with your existing server and data infrastructure, can add the applications necessary to enable wireless Internet access. Your organization retains control of the data and the access security. This is the preferred choice for organizations with an existing Internet application infrastructure. Hosting
For organizations that do not have, or do not wish to support, an Internet application infrastructure, provides the required components. Your organization can update and manage your data using user friendly browser based interfaces accessible anytime, anywhere.

Security can implement any level of security that your data requires. Security of all data paths, including wireless, can be protected with industry standard encryption technologies.

User Friendly Interfaces
Central to all applications are user friendly interfaces which allow secure data reporting and entry applications that anyone with a web browser, and the proper access, can use. All of our interfaces are 100% browser based, no plug-ins or application downloads are required.

Top Notch Training can train your in-house developers, system administrators and managers to take advantage of wireless Internet technology.
  Regardless of your business niche, can deliver solutions today. Our systems empower your target audience with unprecedented real-time access to your data from anywhere, anytime. You get incredible ease of use, audience profiling capabilities, and, more importantly, an edge on the competition.