The Internet is revolutionizing media perhaps more than any other type of business. Organizations that aren't prepared to distribute information immediately, on-demand, are facing tough challenges in a time where breaking stories can find their way to a Web audience in seconds. This places even greater demands on media organizations to stand out from the crowd.

Retail Markets
With the growth of the Internet, retail customers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about consumer products. Imagine customers always having access to your products and pricing for comparison shopping - even from a competitors sales floor. The retail marketplace is quickly adapting to the wireless appliance paradigm, the benefits are there for the taking.

Nothing drives a sales force like information. Information which could previously only be available from an office-bound desktop or tethered Internet connection is now available on demand. At a client's business, in a hallway between meetings, at lunch. Real-time access to crucial information. Information that can make the difference between a sale and a callback.

Aerospace & Defense
No other economic segment of the market deals with the far-reaching implications and massive amount of information that are faced by the aerospace and defense industries. Imagine being able to access real-time flight data, real-time meteorological data from a martian lander, or securely accessing sensitive national archives while in the field.
  Untold billions have been spent by organizations on enterprise systems. Systems which all to often excel at collecting and saving information but fail to share and distribute it effectively. Your enterprise data can be brought to life by delivering it to the desktop and beyond. Imagine everyone in your organization having secure access to your information, anywhere, on-demand.